Subtitle Distraction!

Ever saw a movie in English language with English subtitles? Or even a movie in some other language you do understand but it has English subtitles sliding on the bottom?? Now of course I am not doubting my  ability to understand english. Its just that I dont need english subtitles but not all movies have an option of tuning them  OFF. Especially the ones you illegally download free from the internet, you dont often get a choice!

Yah so ever noticed that you keep your eye balls on the subtitles and in that course you actually start to miss whats going on? I get so annoyed with myself and try hard not to look at the subtitles again. While watching 'Finding Nemo' and its stupendous work of animation and excellent dialogues, I admit I could never fully concentrate on them. I even tried promising and disciplining myself over this issue but to no gain. In the end, i had to buy a DVD!

I guess I have just given a new advertisement idea for 'STOPPING VIDEO PIRACY'? maybe ...


A New Beginning said...

:) good idea Sana...youre right the subtitles can be really annoying!

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