Greme Smith. Arrogance or Confidence?


Under the ‘quote unquote’ section at the I came across something said by Greme Smith (Captian, South Africa)

“I read their opener (Karim Sadiq) said he was not scared of facing Dale Steyn and I wouldn't be either if I grew up in a war zone”

The comments were referred to the debutant Afghanistan cricket team due to play South Africa in the T20 World cup next month in Caribbean.

It seems easy for Greme to mix sports with politics and make this rather insensitive statement. Nobody chooses to grow up in a war zone (Afghanistan). He should be rather applauding that yung Afghanistan cricketers are trying to work on the image of their homeland through sports. I think Greme Smith doesn’t remember the days prolly when he was growing up. In the midst of the ethnic riots between the white and the black population of South Africa, he should feel lucky that a sport such as cricket is even survived!

Moreover I was shocked to hear such comments from Greme Smith (I admit I had high regards for him before I read this). Maybe he’s doing a lot of biased newspaper reading, now that he is playing not much international cricket due to his fragile thumb which keeps getting broken (5th reported injury in just over a year during the IPL in March 2010). I truly respect the talent in Dale Steyn but he is not unplayable. He is still relatively inexperienced himself so Greme should just hold on his horses.

Or maybe this arrogance could be a product of Greme spending a lot of time with Australian crickets during their IPL campaign. My advice to Greme: Don’t let your big mouth bite you in the ass when you step into the ground to play Afghanistan. 


Aamir Bhagani said...

arrogance. pure arrogance!

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