Stanleys Facebook Experience

Stanley hates facebook. He doesnt have a facebook page. Stanley's friends all love facebook. Stanley misses the times when he used to play Xbox and Playstation with his friends rather than talking about how many friends they have at facebook.
Day 1: 
Kyle (Stanley's friend): Dude, check it out, i made you a facebook page. Now we can be best friends, we can chat, play poker. And would you please come to my 'Farm' and harvest some crops? Oh yea , and please also stop by my 'Cafe'.

Stanley: Dude i dont need it. I dont want to be sucked into it. 
Day 2: Stanley his doing his homework at home
Stanley's Dad: Stanley? I was checking my email and i saw you have a facebook page. Why wont you be friends with me?

Stanley: Dad, i am not paying much attention to it. I dont wanna be sucked into it. 

Dad: ohh okay..... so it means i am not your friend Stanley?

Stanley: you are my friend dad. dont judge it by my click of a button at facebook. i dont have time.

Dad: Oh so you dont have time to click a button for me?

Stanley: ok dad i'll do it. I will add you as a friend. Now let me do my homework!
Day 3: Stanley with his Girlfriend 'Kara' at school.
Kara: Am i a joke to you Stanley?

Stanley: Umm .... ??? Nooo

Kara: No is it all that i am to you? A joke?

Stanley: would you tell me what happened? What did i do?

Kara: You lier! you do have a facebook page! and your relationship status says 'single'

Stanley: Ohh wait. I didnt make that page. I dont even know it has a relationship status. What do i do.

Kara: It under your personal profile settings you fool. Call me only when you feel 'In a Relationship'
Day 4: Stanley at home updating his Facebook relationship Status
Dad: Stan? Grandma just called and said you wont be friends with her !

Stanley: Dad, i told you before that it doesnt mean anything to me. I love Grandma anyway.

Dad: Grandma is in a hospital and you wont even be friends with her?

Stanley: Alright Alright JEEZ, i'll add her as a friend.

Dad: Good ..... and i posted a funny picture hours ago and you still havent commented on it. Dont you wanna 'like it'

Stanley: Oh man. F*** FACEBOOK!


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