Sania Mirza, Shoaib Malik. Nuptial knot?


Indian tennis star Sania Mirza and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik may tie the nuptial knot in April, it was reported today. According to some Pakistani media reports, Sania and Shoaib have been in a relationship for the last six months. Based on the news by Geo, Shoaib's mother met Sania's family in Hyderabad and finalized their marriage.The wedding ceremony of both the sports stars will take place in April, while the walima reception will be hosted by Shoaib on April 16 or 17 in Lahore, The News reports.
However !
Shoaib has formerly been engaged to Ayesha Siddiqui earlier in 2002 who claims to be married to the former Pakistani cricket captain. Ayesha’s father has also tried to threaten Shoaib to give Ayesha divorce before proceeding any ahead.
On the other side, India’s leading publication Reddif mentioned
"Sania and Shoaib fell in love some six-and-half months ago and it could be the reason for the breaking up of Sania’s engagement with childhood friend Sohrab Mirza."

Hmm, six months !! Meaning both Sania and Shoaib were travelling with pictures of their former loved ones in their suitcases, but apparently not in their hearts. They first met in Dubai, reportedly, where the spark was first sighted. 

And what other time could have been perfect for the nuptial bond. Shoaib was recently handed a 'one year ban' by the PCB and Sania could not be lower in her international career. She is more recognised as a fashion diva (her long indian earings and her tempting nose ring) on the courts rather than her skills with the racquet. So basically, they both wont have issues being AVAILABLE for the ceremony! 

It might also not be surprising to see Shoaib's friends (or supposedly so) from the cricket fraternity at the wedding ceremony since many were let go by the PCB. 


Aamir Bhagani said...

I just came across in the news too. I have to agree with most of your views. Well what views, they are facts !

you might find the following interesting ...

"Earlier last year, Indian media reported that: “Sayali and Shoaib were extremely close to each other and they spent quality time together when Shoaib was in India during the Indian tour. However, the constant media glare and the distance took a toll on the special friendship."

Too bad their relationship went the way of Indo-Pak cricket. There were also rumors that the two were going to act in a movie by Wilson Louis. Sayali did act in a cricket movie called Kirkit. But it was with Jackie Shroff. And the movie and Shoaib are now a thing of the past for this bombshell.


Aamir Bhagani said...

Your post got me researching Sana!!

Check this out! Go Cricketers ! I would love to be one !

A New Beginning said...

God celebraties and their life. I hope everyones happy by the end of it.
Just read the news and found the post on your blog Sana, thanks for sharing :)

S.I. Ahmed said...

Thank you guys for the feed back.

Aamir..I just did check out the link.Its funny how cricketers like lots of spice in their life.

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