To Karachi With Love – The Art Exhibit

The photography exhibition at the second floor started from the 1st week of March and continued till  17th March. This exhibition, titled “To Karachi With Love” was organized by D.U.C.K (Designers United for a Cause Karachi) and ReBuild-ReBound which are non-profit Organizations initiated by a handful of Indus Valley Alumni who are bringing together designers, photographers, sculptors and visual artists to exhibit their work, create awareness and raise funds for humanitarian causes.

To Karachi With Love was one of a series of events aimed to raise awareness about the loss of lives and destruction that followed the suicide blast on Ashura at Bolton Market in Karachi. All funds collected will go to the rebuilding of the market and surrounding area.
100% of the proceeds will go towards renowned architect, Shahid Abdullah’s efforts to reconstruct the affected area and to the shopkeepers whose livelihoods have been put on hold for the past three months and still await the end of the reconstruction. Their lives may never be the same again but we can help be a part of the change.

This step  taken by handful of Indus Valley Alumni organized this event to exhibit their work and create awareness and also raise funds for those shopkeepers who suffered great loss (about Rs. 30 – 40 billion were lost by the shopkeepers in Bolton Market, Karachi) in the Ashura Blast. It also highlights that the terrorists want the public to be fearful and to be in the dark. The purpose of this exhibition was to pull the city of Lights out of darkness by not letting the terrorists win.


A New Beginning said...

Thats a great message that the exhibition is putting across.
Thanks for sharing Sana, I hope the exhibition succeeds in spreading the message!

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