Though i am not a cricket fan as such, i happened to watch a few minutes of the IPL tournament in the midst of my lazy sunday. More than one times, i heard one the commentators mentioning 'two new franchises added to the IPL for the next season'. This gave me a reason good enough to forget cricket and start researching on these new comers.

What i find, that a sum of over 700 million US dollars have been payed by some of the richest businessmen in India to earn the rights of the franchises! I mean wow! Talk about recession and then have a look at this investment in sports. I might have given an impression here that i am not happy about this expenditure (Also the title), but thats not true. What i am amazed about is India's economic strength and the bravehearts it dwells. NO I AM NOT A TRAITOR!

What i am sad about is Pakistan got freedom from the British right about the same time, and we are not even in the league of developing countries. If only we can forget about regional/lingual/ethnic differences and work for a prosperous Pakistan. Its about time we had something of our own to be proud of. Its SAD.


Aamir Bhagani said...

i totally understand and agree with ur sentiment there. its a shame what we have not been able to achieve given the potential there is apparently.

If we are comparing India and Pakistan, which is a good comparison to make and even if we include the fact that India had more assets than Pakistan at the time of her birth, still Pakistan should have been registering a positive growth every year.

in my view, the difference lies in the commitment to education and hence good governance of the country !

A New Beginning said...

Thanks for the nice words about my country, it felt really good, I truely believe that peace and harmony would prevail in the world one day when all of us would realise our strengths and would work on them.
May there be peace and harmony in the world!

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