Today is the last day of my week-long queue of back to back classes and also Valentine’s Day, as it happens. Today everybody gets showered with flowers and chocolates, love’s little messengers.
Sometimes these gifts are given with real live love and that's the gold medal, the Nobel prize, the Best Picture Oscar.   But sometimes, Valentine’s Day can put all kinds of pressure on us.  If we’re not in love, we feel left out, if we are in love, we feel obligated to do all the things commerce prescribes: send cards, make dinner reservations, buy flowers and chocolates.  We may genuinely want to celebrate our love with gifts, but commercial pressure and emotional blackmail can make us feel a tiny bit manipulated and resentful.

To counteract this, when we give those roses, chocolates, whatever, we shouldn't forget the love bit.  The adoring look, the hand-holding across the table, the tender gestures.  Don’t have a lover?  Give a friend some love; give yourself some love.  Give the love first, add the trappings and trimmings later. 
Red roses, walks on the beach, candlelit restaurants and cards are not romantic.

                                                        !! Love is romantic!!


Aamir said...

well said. sometimes people are just celebrating the event and not the cause of the event!
for some people its like thanksgiving turkey, except that turkey is equally edible rest of the year..
i think the valentines day should be used as a means to revive the promises one made in LOVE. one should try to make the other happy, even if it demands sitting at home and spending time rather than an exotic night out..
atleast i'd try to show the person i love how much i care ...
ahh just the thought of it fills me with joy - :)

S.I. Ahmed said...

Good to know that you can relate to me and our thoughts about a particular subject are mutual.

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