Staring is rude..Is it?!

What can i say? I have absolutely no idea what so ever. No, honestly, I don't have a clue.

I think in my case people are just THERE. They ARE, and when I find one in my close proximity, I have to check them out just to make sure they mean me no harm. You have no idea how many people carry a little hatchet in their suitcases nowadays.:)

And I'm not watching only people. I also watch their shoelaces, fingernails, noses, eyecolor, the way they light a cigarette, the way they hold their lips, when they drink from a glass bottle, the way they touch their face, when they're nervous or flattered, their movements, facial expressions... the list goes on.

I find people charming.    


Aamir said...

i so dont like the sound of 'i have to check them out' .

ever realized how rude it could get for the one being starred and also for the one around it when ure in the process?

i had this habbit. long gone ...

A New Beginning said...

Its rude to stare but unfortunately for some it's their only business in life!

S.I. Ahmed said...

Aamir I believe we all go through this phase. I know it gets rude but then we have to deal with our compulsive disorders..Disorder it is..I admit.

Why Thank you Sana.. I thought I quite justified it but you dont seem to be convinced.

Nazneen said...

its an art called people watching

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